Black Australorp Pullet or Other Breed


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
North East Tennessee
Hi Everyone. I bought 4 21 week old pullets from a reputable hatchery 4 weeks ago. I supposedly bought 4 black australorps. As I've gotten to know my girls better, I've noticed some differences between them and I'm starting to wonder if they are all BAs. The one that looks the most different from the others has a gray/black comb with a little pink and no pink or red around her eyes. She also has brown feathers on her head on either side of her comb. Have any of you had a pullet that looks like this? Maybe she's a late bloomer?

Here's another pic of a different pullet with the first one in the background.

I hope they are all BAs as I was really looking forward to having four excellent egg layers in my flock. I also have 2 speckled sussex and 2 buff orpington pullets none of which are laying yet. Thanks!
I can't help you with ID, just want to
, somebody else should come in to help.
Thanks for welcoming me! Since my first post, my girls laid 5 eggs! I'm not sure which of the 4 laid the eggs but I'm pretty sure it's more than one chicken since I've been getting 2 a day. It doesn't really matter if they are all BAs, I'm just curious. They're all very docile, friendly girls to whom I'm becoming quite attached!

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