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    i'm not sure i'm in the right place for this question. i had 4 blk a. three were killed by my dog. all three were jet black. the remaining is black w/white around the eyes, a few white feathers under the chin & white points on end wing feathers. is that black australorp? she is smaller than the other three were.

  2. You don't say how old they are. Are they young? My 5 week Black Aussies both have white wing tips and are just now getting rid of their white chest feathers. I can't comment on white around their eyes, I'll have to take at close look at mine tomorrow. Wish I could help more. But I'm a new chicken owner, 5 weeks is my oldest.
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    Pictures would certainly help us help you, but if you mean something like the flappity one in the first photo, then she probably is. [​IMG]


    A little older and...


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