Black Australorp


5 Years
Apr 12, 2014
I'm going to place my first order of Black Australorp chicks on Tuesday. I bought a 50 pound bag of starter feed for them... I am planning on starting out small, only getting 8. I would like to have 4 for meat and 4 for eggs... What is the best type of food to get good meat chickens and good layers?? Thanks for the help!
The starter feed will grow both birds to point of lay. You could continue with the same sort of high protein feed for both the ones you plan on eating, as well as the ones for laying, but layers don't need the high protein, but they will need calcium, to produce egg shells. You'll need to give oyster shell, If you don't feed them layer feed.
Austrolorps are a poor choice to raise for eating. Better to buy some hybrid cross meat variety for eating and the Austrolorps, for eggs.

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