Black sex links?

I have both,love these birds.I had a rooster he was great and I have a five year old hen.Great chickens,but can have a bossy disposition.
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Here is the cockerel I use to have,he was so friendly.
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This is the father and the mother is one of my barred rock hens but I have no idea which one,lol.
IMO, home bred sex links are entirely different than hatchery sex links.

As far as hatchery sex links go, I've had them in the very long distant past, but would not choose to have them again b/c the hatchery production birds tend to be prone to reproductive issues.

Home bred sex links? You get to make your own recipe! My avatar roo produced lovely black sexlinks with pea or walnut combs. They are pure black without any of the red bleeding through in hackles. And they produce lovely aqua or olive colored eggs.
I got 3 black sex links entering their 2nd year this spring so far their egg production are excellent mature early and they have great temperament.
My BSL is from non-hatchery stock and so she doesn't have the typically hatchery sex link lifespan. She is the smartest of my flock and is the dominant hen. She lays a good amount of eggs, almost as much as my Leghorn (she lays an egg almost every day).
I’ve got a tractor supply one, and she’s my sweetest hen! She’s beautiful, with green on her back and a red-gold breast that speckles along her back, and she gives me a beautiful jumbo dark brown egg every day. She even lays better than my leghorn! She’s large, and I bet she could easily be a meat bird, but I would never even think about killing her! She’s at the top of the pecking order, even though she’s the youngest. If this where a review, I would give it 12/10 stars!!!

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