Black Spots on Comb - Mites, Frostbite or Something Else?

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    Aug 5, 2015
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    Hey guys. Hoping someone here can help me. This is our rooster, Goliath. This is a close up pic. He's a Dominique. We've only had him a few weeks. He has these black spots that look like scabs on his comb.

    He was quarantined when I noticed them and it was at that time he was in a temp pen in our barn. He escaped from his pen when he found a weak area in the fencing biggie...he was still contained in that section of the barn and we let him stay there during his quarantine. I'm wondering if he might have scraped his comb during his escape and this is now healing.

    Some people online think it might be mites and some think frostbite. I'm a little concerned. I'm going to check him out thoroughly this evening. Otherwise he seems 100% fine and happy (other than some frostbite on his wattle). Thank you for any insight!!!!

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    It looks to me like dried blood from pecking or insect bites. Fowl pox might be a possibility if you have mosquitoes out, but it seems too cold for that. I'm not sure how he could have been pecked if he is alone.

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