Black Sumatra, BLRW, and Silkies!

lovin my birds

8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Odessa, MO
Hi, I am looking to purchase some of the breeds listed above. I would love to have some of all come from the same place but I know not everyone has all these breeds. I dont care what color the silkies are. I just like them as pets. So they really dont have to be show quality either. I do however want only black sumatras, no blue or splash. Will pay shipping and box fee. Just let me know how many you have, how much, and what shipping would be to 64076. Or if anyone has these breeds close to Odessa, Mo then I will drive to get them. Thanks!

Edited to say I dont want any hatchery stock. Only good quality birds. Thank you!
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Thanks! I guess I should have mentioned that I dont want hatchery stock either will edit my original post. I saw the add from nava and have messaged them. I have gotten chicks from cackle and they do have nice stock but those where just layers. I am wanting these to be breeders/ show. Except the silkies. I just dont trust hatcheries much. Have had some bad experience in the past.
I have some young sumatra roos, they are from a small farm hatchery, not a commercial one. I'm waiting to see how they turn out and trying to find information to see if what i have, are any good. I will have sorted out the roos I want and may have chicks (I hope) next year.

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