Black sumatras .... no luck, lost 3 chicks- delicate breed? ☹️

Regina Larsen

May 6, 2020
Long Island NY USDA zone 7
Are black sumatras more delicate chicks than other breeds? We got 3; 2 died the same night, one this morning (9 days old); very tiny chicks.
The little angel who passed today (i really loved her) was eating, bright eyed but got tired quickly and was not much bigger than at day 1. Her sisters (silver pencilled rocks and s. sussex) are about 4x what her size was.
Don't think i will be trying them again. 🥺
I had some Sumatras a few years ago, from Cackle Hatchery, and they seemed healthy enough. In fact, they seemed extra-energetic compared to some other chicks I had at the same time. Mine were ordered as "blue" Sumatras, but actually included 2 black and 3 blue.
I got 1 from Meyer. It's tiny and does not seem to be developing at the same rate as my other chicks and far less active. I ordered 3 more to see how it goes. How did yours turn out?

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