Bloated duckling... urgent help please


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Sep 29, 2014
A neighbour arrived with a 1 - 3 day old wild mallard duckling yesterday. It was found in their paddock with no mother or siblings in site. I noticed that it had a splayed leg, this morning both legs were splayed. Tonight when I was preparing him for bed I noticed that his one side was very bloated, spongy to the touch. A few hours have passed now and the other side is also blowing up. It feels like trapped air. Can anyone tell me how to help this poor little abandoned duckling. Urgent help would be appreciated... thank you.
The best thing for you to do is contact a wildlife rehabilitation center. They will take the duck off your hands and care for it. If you don't know of one, a local vet or animal control may. Most likely they have more experience in this sort of thing than you. We recently ahd the same thing happen to us. A car hit a mother duck and someone managed to scoop up one of the young ones. That is what we did. I hope this helps - good luck .
Thanks for that. I am in NZ it is the 1am in the morning. I am a bird lover and have rescued and cared for many birds including ducklings. Just never uncountered this problem before. Having done some research on the net it looks and sounds like an air sac rapture. could have been caused by a cat or a fall. I have pierced the bubble with a sterile needle and let some of the air out. If he survives the night I will see how he is doing in the morning, and if need be will contact our vet. Thanks again.
Hi Trent

Thank you for for asking the question, I was going to put up a progress report today. Daffy was much better the next morning after letting some air out, I had to prick him/her again the next evening and he/she improved even more. The feet are no longer out and Daffy is running around like a normal little duckling. Such a wonderful little garden companion enjoying the worms I find. I guess the air sac has healed, the internet is such a wonderful source of information. Thanks again... Have a super day.



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