Bloody cats!


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Taunton, England
It's my hens first day out in the garden, they're having a whale of a time. I'm on this forum on my phone, and out of nowhere next doors cat comes tearing in. Thank god for chicken wire is all I can say, and the apples that subsequently got thrown by it so it would go away!
You never know what's watching your hens while they are out in the garden. Mine will peck the cats when they are out free ranging.
I'm hoping they'll be able to defend themselves, they were a year old when we got them so I don't see why not. It was just dead unlucky that it was their FIRST day out haha
Hens have a hard time defending themselves against full grown healthy cats. I had a stray problem around here and had to take care of it. Since this is your neighbors cat I wouldn't advise anything too drastic, but electric fencing works great. Until then I would supervise your flock and see how much trouble this cat wants to make. Good fences make great neighbors (and their pets).
Yeah the chicken wire helped massively as the cat pretty much faceplanted it, is it ok to just let them roam for bits and bobs during the day? Cos I can't supervise them 24/7
That is your choice. I free range mine even when I have to leave the house for a little bit. I have a really good rooster and look to him to warn the girls if there is a problem. If the cat comes after them and you can't find a girl, look up first. They are really good at trying to run for cover and flying up on things when they can't. My rooster was older when I got him and every time I let the dogs out the first 3 days I had to fish him off the roof. I had to put one of them in the coop for a night to get him to stop. I do not advise this for other dogs, mine is a rescue toy poodle that was already scared of my hens outside (not inside), but his barking made my rooster fly onto the roof.
I think I'll just let them out for Few hours a day, see how they go until I get some more chicken wire, if I can make the barrier a meter higher it will take a cat on a pogo stick to get over it. Thanks!
Hahahaha stupid cat! It don't matter how tall your fence is, a cat will hook the fence post and climb it unless you nail cat guards on the posts.
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