Bloody poo towards end of cocci treatment?

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    Mar 22, 2016
    [​IMG]One of my chicks about 10/11 weeks old was having bloody poos, was ruffled up and lethargic. The other three were fine but they were vaccinated against cocci. I started them on meds and the one who was having bloody poos greatly improved after the first day. There was no more blood she has been eating and drinking fine and is back to her normal self. However this morning, which is day 6 of the corid treatment, I found two stools outside (so not from overnight) that look like they have blood in them. Is there some reason it would stop and then start again so late in the treatment? Could it be intestinal lining? I'm leaving on vacation on Saturday so I am super stressed out about this. She improved so much on the meds that I don't think it's something else.
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