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    I have two large cochins, 1 is black, the other blue. I want to raise the blue large cochins, but I am not sure what color roo I should or blue? Also, if I get a black one, will it produce blue chicks from the blue hen or will they be splits? Who raises show quality Large Blue Cochins...anyone know?[​IMG]

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    Quote:there are several raising LF Blue Cochins, check out Cochins International.
    if you choose to go with a Black Rooster try to insure it is a Black from Blue matings, or use a Blue Male if at all possible. using an unknown Black male may result in a few blues or blue with redish orange hackles, as most blacks are masking red.
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    The Andalusian blue gene is a dilution factor and is co-dominant with the black gene in that they both exist together but the blue gene dilutes the black to a black laced blue coloring. If you breed black to blue you'll get about 75% black chicks and 25% blues but don't bank on this as this is the mathematical calculation but we know in the real world that this math doesn't always work in our favor. Blue to blue will yeild 25% black, 50% blue and 25% splashed (splashed carry both copies of the blue gene and are basically white with blue and black markings throughout).
    A real problem in blue cochins is lack of distinct lacing and an overall rusty red hue to the hackle and saddle feathers, this can also occur in the hens as well. This is a form of brassiness which is seen in lighter colored breeds and is a defect. You must select and breed from birds that do not express this defect. I typically try to use black birds that do not have a great deal of luster in the hackle and saddle and breed them to the blues.

    Blessings to you,

    Bo Garrett
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    Quote:Correct...its called Rustiness and it can hide in Self Black birds that are based on sex link gold(s+/s+) and comes out when bred to blue..

    here a few pics of rusty blues


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