Blue Langshan or Blue Cochin?


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Mar 8, 2019
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My Coop
This is George, the gentle giant, and cockerel extraordinaire.

He hatched 2-29 from an egg assortment that mentioned langshans and cochins, but I haven't been able to decide which he may be. Anyone know how I might differentiate? His tail is different from my black langshans and I have no cochin roos to compare with. He's slower growing but already taller and wider than my jersey giant.

Character-wise he is terrified of most of the other chickens and now has a coop that he shares with a few carefully selected laid-back friends. When the run is open and they're all free to roam the grass, he needs to be carried out, otherwise, he watches from the nest box of his coop and will not go out with the others.

He does love to be held and have his neck scratched. He is happy to see me coming and I feel like I'm leaving a toddler at daycare when I leave him with the flock.

I know if anyone knows, it's someone (or a group of someones) on BYC. TIA
My rooster was hatchery quality. I’ve never seen a cochin with a tail that long, and it looks like it’s going to get even longer.
I have seen them with cleaner legs than a Marans. Those long tail feathers do not look Cochin at all. I'm just saying that I would not rule it out.
To me he looks kind of in between. When next you hold him, look at the skin under his feet. If it is yellowish, then he is a Cochin, if it is pinkish white, then a Langshan.

He sounds like a sweet rooster, regardless.
They're a pearl cream color. The seller they came from says he is a langshan, but my other langshans from a local breeder are not as big and are somewhat different in stature. I adore George and don't mind if he's not SOP for any breed, but have been curious about what he actually is. :)

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