Blue Silkie Bantam broods 4 full size Sussex eggs


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6 Years
Jan 5, 2014
Okolona, Ohio
Blue Silkie Bantam is 6 months old and goes broody. Only fertile eggs we have segregated are full size Sussex so what the hell. Sure enough, day 20, all 4 hatched and 3 have made it, on Easter Day of all days. What a hoot! But now I'm surfing to determine if I should move the hen and her chicks to an isolated area. 28 other bantams, hens and roosters in the coop and I knew something was up when they all wouldn't come out into the run on one of the nicest days we had, in...forever. But do I leave them in the coop? Some of those roosters are darn right mean. So I'm thinking of using another area and building her a segregated area to raise those chicks in peace.

Any advice?

p.s. We have a Bantam Red Pile broody also. Got two fertile Sussex eggs under her too. Twenty... 2 week old chicks in the mud room from Murray McMurray and 41 harvested Sussex eggs in the incubator. Pretty soon, FREE protein, no refrigeration needed. Preppin"
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