blue wheaten bantam Ameraucana hen? update pic post 6


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Mar 27, 2008
I picked this girl up at a sale this weekend she came with a roo whom i didnt want and gave to a fellow BYC member....

she is in rough shape but was wanting to know if she is realy a blue wheaten bantam Ameraucana....
Edit to say:i was looking at her pic and poor thing looks like she was sucked into a fan and blown back out.....
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Thoroughly check for mites/lice. May want to treat for them anyways. Hopefully she is just molting or over loved. Add oily seeds to her diet, maybe even oily fish or safflower or olive oil to help with feather regrowth.
I would say no... Sorry..
The breast on blue wheaten is light buff hers looks cream/white.
But that might change...
So she is just a wheaten?
it dont matter one way or the other i just wanted a bantam Ameraucana for the egg color...
Poor thing. It is difficult to tell from the picture but I would have to say she is not a Blue Wheaten or Wheaten. Way too much buff color toward the end. The comb is difficult to tell too.

You can see pics of my Wheatens and Blue Wheatens on my website. Mine are LF but it still should help you.

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taken july 24th 2009
she looks alot better oh and she lays brown eggs
but she is sweet
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I would suggest taking a look at my hens. I can assure you they are pure, true Wheaten and Blue Wheatens.

PD, I would say she definitely has some BW in her but she is definitely not a BW. Her shape is all wrong but more than that there is no way a BW Ameraucana would lay a brown egg.

You definitely have an EE and she is turning out to be a very fine looking bird. I applaud you for the time and effort you have put into bringing her around. I truly don't understand why someone would allow a bird to get into the shape she was in.

God Bless,
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