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    Oct 8, 2010 we finally caught and eliminated our coon days before going on vacation.

    Three days into vacation the lady watching our animals for us calls me and tells me that there is a baby bobcat pestering the ducks. GRRR!!! She got rid of the baby (I'm guessing about 10-12 weeks old baby). Then on friday night something tore the wire on the duck pen to bits. The wire is similar to chicken wire but with slightly larger holes. Is this the mother bobcat?? How likely is it that the mom is close by? How do I bobcat proof my pen? Do they typically go over or under cages? How many babies are there likely to be around?
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    My answer is the bobcats know where dinners at . Its just a matter of when will they attack. I hope your coops solid. I would of gotten a trap yesterday. Anyway get a trap .
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    You can try and put up chain link fence instead of chicken wire, that should hold up better. Also ELECTRIC WIRE does wonders!!![​IMG]
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    Oh if that little one is that old mom is still near by. It takes several months before the little ones hunt on their own after having been taught by momma.

    Lots of luck, beef up the fencing, get some hot wire going, get a trap, and spend some quality time with a firearm. There is likely more than just momma still around.
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    Quote:The problem with the chain link fence though is that the bobcat can reach its paws in, and snack a duck by the eye (it happens ][​IMG] OR the ducks can poke their heads out and be taken by surprise.

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