Boer goat female and boer x offspring

Miss Red

9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
Trinity, Texas
I have two very vocal Boer goats that are disturbing my elderly neighbor and must be rehomed. They only get loud around feeding times, but she's usually trying to sleep then. Very tame, sweet goats. The female is 4 and the young male (her son) is 2. They've only been with each other since he was a kid, so I'm not sure how they would aclimate to having more goats around. They're great little weedeaters, too. Will sell together or separate, but together is preferred.

Mama Goat, as she's called, is a high percentage Boer. She comes running to a bucket of feed and is quite a character. She does this happy hop/skip thing when she's wound up where she jumps in a You shape and then switches sides and does it again. She HATES dogs and will headbutt them if given the chance. Great little breeder doe, has produced show winning babies in her past but hasn't been bred in about a year. I will take no less than 75 for her.


Will take best offer on Stinky.

Stinky is a two year old Boer x Nubian who was used for local shows. He is castrated, and very sweet. Loves to be scritched behind the horns and is really easy to keep a clean coat on. He slicks out nicely. Can get loud when he wants attention or loses sight of his "herd".

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