Bonding with ducklings


Mar 27, 2018
Help! Alright so I have 2 new small ducklings and as of today i have had them for 4 days. On my first day, they seemed a bit shy about me but i was still able to touch them and pet them without them freaking out too bad. I could carry them and take them out of their coop and let them roam around freely and they were completely alright with me. After that I left them alone for the past 2 days and now when i try to approach, they are super scared of me! they run away and chirp loudly and i would usually back off. i'm not sure what to do and i dont want to make any dumb decisions that could end our bond! im stubborn and determined so i wont give up on them. Please help!

For now I would just sit close by and not try to hold or touch. Just your presence can give them a sense of security. Being at their level can help too, then when you go to pick them up be as close to their level as you can be. That will keep you from looking like your getting ready to scoop them up and eat them. Dried meal worms crunched up and given can help break the ice too.
With the new babies
I don't go a day without interacting with them . I ready 20 mins a day should be enough but I over do it and have them out and about as much as I can when I get off work. Treats are a must
Just try and comfort as much as u can let them know your there
Mine have a tendency to check in and make sure they aren't alone especially at night. When they peep I peep back.
Good luck with you babies
I would try not to handle them or chase them to catch them unless you have to. Ducklings do not like to be chased and it could make them lose their trust in you. Just try to be around them, be nice, hand feed them, give them treats, and stuff like that.
I found that water play time is a great time to bond. They love the water and you aren't as scary because you are closer to their level. Put them in the sink with warm water. Put your hand just below water level and leave it in one place. Or if they look a bit tired bring your hand up under them so they can rest on it, but don't take it out of the water. They will learn that your hand is not a scary thing and eventually it will be a source of fun as they play on and around it.

You can go one further and put a treat in your hand and let it float just a little. Things like bits of lettuce or duck weeds work great. They learn pretty fast that you bring yummy things.

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