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    There are several designs on this thread for some really great designs for building a coop for your birds. However, for those that want to be able to have the plans in front of them for reference or for future building projects I have compiled a list of books that have given me ideas on how and what to do in building my own coops and lofts.

    For those looking for historical plans for those old timey coops and barns.

    Barns of Yesteryear, Naturegraph Publishers

    American Country Building Design, rediscovered 19th century farmhouses, cottages, landscapes, barns, carriage houses and outbuildings. By Donald J. Berg, Sterling Publishers.

    Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them,
    By Rolfe Cobleigh, Skyhorse Publishers

    For more modern plans:

    Chicken Coops, 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock,
    By Judy Hangman, Storey Publishing

    Practical Farm Buildings, a Text and Handbook,
    By James S. Boyd, Interstate Publishing

    How to Build Small Barns and Outbuildings,
    By Monte Burch, Storey Communications

    Barns and Outbuildings and How To Build Them,
    By Byron D. Halstead

    Barns and Backbuildings, complete with sources for Building Plans, Books, Timber frames, Kits, Hardware,
    By Donald J. Berg, (No publisher listed, probably Storey Pubs.)

    I hope this helps, I was able to borrow most of these titles from my local library, and a couple of them I have purchased for my own library.
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    Thanks. I'm looking at my library. I'm on my 3rd coop...each one is bigger and better!!
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    That's a nice list! Thank you for posting it.

    Quote:How did you like this one? Do you think it would be good for people that want to build a small coop, for 3-5 chickens? There doesn't seem to be as much available for city-sized chicken flocks.

    I've never had a chance to look at it and always wondered.
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