Boy or girl?!


6 Years
Aug 14, 2013
New Forest
Hi all - this is Custard Cream - he's the apple of my eye :)
He's 7 weeks old today. Mum's a white Leghorn, dad's a copper Maran.
What does everyone think?? So far his comb is very pale & small - the same size as his female friend of the same age.
He's staying either way - just being impatient!!
Thanks in advance for the wisdom ;-D


At seven weeks so far I'd vote girl. She looks like a custard cream with raisins.
Oooh - that would be wonderful!

(We've ended up with 2 Roos from an earlier hatch, one may have to be rehomed, but 3 would be way too many!)

Thanks :)
Yes, (s)he has got raisins!!

Maybe we should've gone for Tea Cake instead?!

They've all been named after biccies & sweets! We have Liquorice Allsort (a blue hen), Peppermint Humbug (gorgeous Plymouth Rock roo) & Ginger Biscuit (brown leghorn roo)! They've been brilliant to raise & get to know - we're first timers!

Thanks all :)

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