Boys or girls and thoughts on breed/breeds?


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
Do you have full body pictures from the side? It was kind of hard to see. The first one did look like a male to me though. I hope you like your new chickens!!!
No side pictures but I can get some later tonight. Maybe! I was afraid they'd all be boys but was hoping for a girl or two. I enjoy watching them and their curiosity and chirping. But I dont think 5 more boys is gonna work with one hen. Lol. Hate to get rid of them. Ugghh.. My Roo still isnt happy to see them through a fence so dont think they will play well together. :(
Ok thanks. I dont know what I will do with them. They have their order somewhat figured out so may keep them in the seperate pen. My grandkids have become attached and would meltdown if I gave them away etc... Thank you all!
Well now Im starting to wonder. My roo is fine with these chicks now and only spars with the 2 I thought were boys. My hen on the other hand isnt fond of them at all. She attacks all of them. Would my Roo be ok with 5 more roo's? I expected issues from him and not the hen. Any idea's why Roo is ok with them and the hen isnt?
Is it normal for the Roo to be fine with the ''maybe'' young roos and the hen to be aggressive toward them? I figured it would be the other way around but my Roo is hanging out and running around with them while the hen attacks them if they get in her area. She doesnt mind them as long as they dont attempt to try and eat in her area. Just curious.

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