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    To the origional poster:

    Way to go on getting that far! Though I'm sorry your chick didn't make it in the incubator.

    For anyone else reading,
    From what I've heard and read, normally chicks that have been incubating in a bra Does Not make it long if you put them in an incubator, and you need to be careful with the humidity!
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    Apr 4, 2015
    A great thread - my partner and I had a good laugh reading through these :)
    Yesterday I bought a hen to accompany our 11 others. She's a hybrid (not sure which breeds yet). She had previously been kept with the company of a rooster. So when we brought her home, it's possible the egg she laid is fertilised.
    No incubator at home yet, so 3 guesses where I'm keeping the egg warm! Hehe :)
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    Reigniting this thread as i have an egg in my bra! My broody left the nest with one egg still to hatch so I've put it in my bra hoping i can save it. This was yesterday morning. I candled it first to check it was still alive. I saw movement but it wasn't in the air cell yet. Then later in the day it started to break through the air cell. This morning it started tweeting, it's well into the air cell and at about 4pm it pipped! I think it will hatch during the night. Not quite sure how the actual hatching is going to work, there's not much room in there to maneuver! I'll post updates. Any advice on this much appreciated! Fingers crossed this works!
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    I'm wondering. ....
    One of my favorite hens, the sane one who's been attacked by my cats, went broody and we let her keep one egg. Now she's part of the flock but doesn't mind doing her own thing. She made her nest in the front yard! For 2weeks, since i seen veins and movement in her egg, I've been bringing it to her nest in the am, and the coop with her in the pm....when they get locked in for the night. If she leaves the coop before, she'll have her twin egg sit, just til i get up and move it to her in her nest. Well today is different! No egg sitter, she's not on nest or in coop, but playing in the yard. I grab the cold egg, and yes i bra that baby fast! Then go about my morning stuff i do. When the egg is nice and warm. ...i candled! The veins are good, air is good, movement is iffy! So now is sitting in my bra and i swear i can feel lil movements. ...but that may be cuz i dint want to lose another chick. still smells good to......
    What are the chances of it making it the last week in my bra?
    To top it all off, I seen her near her nest and tried to get her to sit in it, but she just left it! So maybe she's done and her broody needs have been served!
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    Definitely still movement going on!

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