Brahma and RIB chick Questions


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Feb 5, 2020
Good morning ! Please and thanks in advance:)

Tomorrow I will be picking up a couple of Brahma and Road Island Blue Chicks

As for the brahmas they are assorted and all the colorings for brahmas look beautiful and the general information on the breed sounds great !! My question is is their any difference in behaviour egg laying or need between coloring

I don't personally think so but some of the information. Seems up in the air !

When it comes to the road island blues I'm excited and hope they are alot like my reds ! But I haven't seen much on them.

Does having the mixed genetics to make the blue color affect the egg production or behavior?


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Treat them as you would any other chicks, and they will be fine. I know nothing about RIB - as a matter of fact this is the first that I have ever heard of them.
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