Breathing Issues


Oct 8, 2016
My Hen has been making noise constantly, we thought she was just noisy but she's been doing it for days, we picked her up and she's definitely not breathing through her nostrils, it's not like she's hot because it's not very hot here and she is making noise, could it be a lung issue? She is a partridge cochin.
I wish I had all the answers, but a simple first step is to hold her, take a warm wet wash cloth or paper towel, and hold it over her nostrils and soak them and wipe them, it could be as simple as a bit of bedding or seed or something lodged in there

also hold her up to your ear and see if you can hear wheezing or anything in her lungs which could indicate respiratory infection which would need antibiotic treatment

unfortunately, mouth breathing in general can be a sign of distress in birds and can be a sign of other illness even if it's not respiratory and just an overall sign of stress

once you can narrow down why she might be breathing this way hopefully we can help you find a solution to help her
my pullet with a respiratory infection would sound almost like it was snoring
So today we held her and put a warm washcloth over her nostrils for a few seconds and she was still doing it, so we let her relax and tried again, it wasn't helping and when i put her down she was very upset and she went in the tall grass, sat down, closed her eyes and panted really loud, i think i stressed her out, after a few minutes she got up and ran off to be with the flock but i think she might just be upset, were gonna give her some antibiotics just incase. i'll let you know if anything changes.

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