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    Mar 21, 2009
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    My Breda fowl from Rare feathers Ranch allowed my to get some good pictures. George is quite friendly and comes up for treats, a nice change for me. My previous roosters were very skittish and usually hid at the site of the camera.
    Bluebell on the left is not a Breda fowl. She is a mixed breed that was raised along with these guys. She will be joining the laying flock soon.



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    Gorgeous! I hope I have luck with my hatch :fl
  3. familypendragon

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    So, of 18 eggs, 9 made it to lock down and all died of malposition :hit None were able to pip correctly. I am afraid to hatch any more shipped eggs now, leaning toward just buying some Breda chicks. Are they known for being hard to hatch or is it just me?
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    We have not found the Breda breed difficult to hatch, the chicks seem to jump right out of their shells.
    However, ease of hatching them, doesn't mean success for everyone. Your eggs where shipped. They may have not been packaged well, or handled poorly at the post office. Then, they where incubated. Not all incubators are equal, and not all users know how to use their incubator to it's best potentail. If you are using a foam incubator, those are known for their complications.
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    I am down to just a pair now. I went out yesterday and found my black hen on the ground under the roost. that leaves me with a black and a blue. I need to pen them together to get some eggs. how frustrating.
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    Thanks so much, that gives me hope! I am having great frustrations with my foam bators... I am working to remedy the situation. I also have found local Breda eggs! So - that should help as long as I can be confident that the bator is working right.
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    [​IMG] [/quote] Wow these are gorgeous, I am so excited for mine to mature! They just got past the awkward feathering stage....I can't even begin to tell how many Roos-hens I have... But here's a pic, I think about 6-7[​IMG]weeks old...
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    Quote: I looked for the wattles to appear. The boys showed at about 8 weeks. Since they don't have combs, you wont see any difference there.
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    I haven't found them hard to hatch either. We saved 10 eggs from a single hen for our first hatch so they were about 2-1/2 weeks old and 8 out of 10 hatched. The other two were probably operator error since one piped and didn't make it an the other was almost there too. After that we hatch another couple small groups with just a few eggs each time and they were all 100% hatch rate.

    Shipped eggs are different though in between two of out 100% Breda hatches we shipped 6+ Breda eggs and only 2 out of 8 eggs were viable. Some eggs breeds seem to be more delicate than others.
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    Thanks so much, that is so reassuring :)

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