Breed & Gender guesses for 2-3 week old Mutts


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Sep 2, 2009
Okay here are some pics of the chicks (two chicks)

The black bantam cochin in the bottom is the surrogate mama. The people we got the fertilized eggs from said they'd had (just got rid of them) three roosters. From memory...they said one was black, one was brown, and one was gold. The eggs these chicks came from were both large, rich, medium brown.
Yeah, I've been reading on this breed/gender forum for a couple of weeks, so I've picked up enough to know they're kinda young for gender predictions. But...I guess I was having some wishful thinking that maybe one of the very experienced folks might be seeing some signs. They both have tails growing in. I don't know about the legs...I just haven't seen enough chicks of both genders to tell. They don't have those "incredible hulk" legs, but they're not toothpicks either.

On the breed...does the grey/black one look like it might have a barred rock mama? Or a silver-laced wyandotte? Australorp for the black chick?
There does look to be barring at work on the one chick, but it looks to me like it's parents were mixed. If momma was barred and daddy wasn't, then that chick is a male. But if you don't know for sure.........well, then, you can't be sure lol.

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