breeders or hatcheries that sell Red Star chicks in So California


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9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
I need a Red Star chick from a local breeder or hatcher in the southern california area. Specifically in the Orange County area. Where do they have these? I found one in Vista but those wont be in until july. Thank you!
I got a Golden Sex link from Kahoots in Chatsworth. I don't know if there's a Kahoots near you. Have you tried calling to local feedstores?
I just went to blue hill farms in ventura! haha it was a bit of a road trip!! But it was worth it for my lovely red star!!!
If you have a local feed store, ask them. Red Stars are also called Golden Comets, Golden Sex Links, etc. However, the parentage is different from each breeder. Personally I liked the Red Stars I got from They were super quiet and friendly although one of them liked to peck my leg and charge me because I didn't give her a treat when she wanted it but she also knocked on the patio door daily so it was normal for her to act weird. I got some Golden sex links here in Fresno at the feed store last year and they were very very similar but noisier which was disappointing.

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