Breeding jumbo with regular japanese quails

Is it a good idea?

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  • It is a pointless waste of time!

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Apr 20, 2011
Melbourne SE Suburbs
Hi peeps.

I wanted to see if anyone here have had experience breeding jumbos with regulars.

I am new to jumbos as they have only become available in my country quite recently and few people are selling eggs.

I already have regular sized quails for eggs. I want to get jumbos for meat.

There is only 1 jumbo fertile egg supplier in my state and she won't sell any live birds.

I'm planning to buy 3 dozen jumbo eggs and keep the best 10 females and 2 males. I will breed the 2 males with my regular sized quails. Then breed the offspring of the jumbo/regulars back with the 10 female jumbos to create a new bloodlines.

The result would be 75% jumbo blood but i can further breed the resulting offspring with the jumbo females to increase size.

Is this a good idea? Any thoughts or suggestions or similar experiences?

Alternatively, i could pay $50 and order 3 dozen jumbo eggs from interstate rather than go through this pain in the @$$ plan, but where is the satisfaction, fun and challenge in that?


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I keep a meatmaker male in with a & m, Rosetta and tibetans. Dont have any problems breeding them.

I'll keep what females and males appeal to my eye. Colors mainly butcher the rest.

You plan sounds do able just go for it. See how it turns out.

But even breeding jumbo to jumbo you don't get all jumbo. Takes a lot of weighing and selection to keep jumbo going to it's full potential.

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