Breeding ringneck doves


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Apr 22, 2013
New to the forum here. Will post about me if you guys have a section there and will introduce my "family".

Well, I have a question for all of you who breed doves.

I have a pair of beautiful ringneck doves, our male (Tramp) is a gray color with white underside and our female (Lady) is a gorgeous white color with spots of brownish gray in her wings. Anyhow, they are a proven breeding pair (had one successful hatch that lived for a week with the previous owner but didn't make it more than a week...she had said she was messing with the eggs when they were laid.) Anyhow, I have witnessed our doves mating on several occasions and they used to go in the nest box we have and mess around in it, but never stayed that long in it.

Today, I came home from work and noticed that Lady was in her nest box just sitting there (last night and today when she sits in there, she kind of shakes a little for a few seconds then stops). She is kind of bent forward with her tail partially in the air and our male is on a perch a little above her watching her every now and then. Her droppings have gotten larger and I have heard thats a sign of egg laying coming near...Upon comparison of Tramp and Lady's cloca's, hers seem to be a little more spread so to speak.

Does it seem like she will be laying her first egg soon? If so, how long should it be before she does and what do I do to ensure her babies to hatch? I would LOVE to have some baby doves cooing in our house :)

(They are being fed a quality dove food, housed with finches (they get along just fine and leave each other alone) They also are in a large enough enclosure with plenty of cuttlebones, and perches, they are in a large 7 ft tall aviary)

Hokum Coco

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Dec 6, 2012
New Brunswick,Canada
I raise pigeons myself; However they are very similar to doves.

I find egg laying usually occurs 10 days after mating. In pigeons they sometimes abandon their squabs because they are not healthy. If you try to intervene in this abandonment it usually ends bad for you and the squabs. Parents have an intuition on these things.

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