7 Years
May 5, 2015
Ocean Springs MS
Over the last 50 years that i have raised chickens i have tried every type of bedding material for bedding and all of them require changing out almost daily to keep down odor moisture and the chicks clean and healthy. None of the traditional beddings are as effective as a 2" layer of very dry LIVE OAK LEAVES that have been on the ground for at least 3 months. The leaves are rich in beneficial bacteria and some leaf mold. The leaves instantly soak up all the moisture in the poop leaving a dry powdery spot. The chicks love to scratch in the leaves to aid in mulching. I am now able to keep the chicks in this bedding until i move them to a chicken tractor without replacing it. I get no nasty oders, excess moisture or dirty chicks and can even keep them indoors with no complaints. My brooder has 4.5 square feet of floor space and 1 dozen chicks.

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