Broody and her 17 do chix ?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
Suzette(salmon faverolles broody) has been jumping broody pen fence and calling or SOMETHING near the outside part of broody pen(where the 17 day old chix still live). I recall reading here that mom takes her babies into main group or something at certain age SO I am being a woos about turning the chix out with her and I don't know where she'll go come sundown with her chix. I mean-she can go back into the broody pen from inside if door is open with her chix but...and I am thinking out loud so forgive me. guess I just solved my own problem. She will just go snuggle with them in broody pen and any other chickens that go in will roost over her(and poop on babies!) New chapter in raising chickens. Hope it goes OK.

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