BROODY!! but is she


9 Years
May 6, 2010
Well today as auction i saw a lovely little bantam silver laced wyandotte. she is lovely her markings and it was a hen you never get them single. So i thought yehhhh i want it!! it seemed a little jumpy but there are so many birds there you dont see them properly etc. then £5.50 later she was mine.

I paid up and went to collect my little box lolol ohhh dear she tried to jump out she was sqwarking, after i stopped moving the box everytime i moved near or looked in she squarked lol sooo i am guessing she is possibly a broody!

I have placed her into a cat carrier with food water straw and a few shop eggs which were cold and large she didnt seem too fussed but has settled down just fine now shes all covered up.

SOOOO next question is?? if she isnt just a mardy hen lol

HOW TO.....

if she is a broody do i have to wait for her to lay 13 eggs before she will sit any
how to get her to accept some eggs
i have incubators going now ending 31 oct and 3 nov it would be lovely if she adopted a few of these and did it all natures way
can you get them to take on chicks day old etc or do you give them eggs before.

ANY tips would be lovely......
If she is broody - - - you can put anyone's eggs under her. If she was with everyone else and did not have enough of her own eggs - - she would starting stealing other hens eggs. They stop laying when they go broody - - - so if she is there already, you may not get any more eggs.

Good luck
just found this in what would you never have again lolol

QUOTE ""Silver-laced Wyandottes!!

Ours are grumpy,pick on the other chickens,are not easy to catch and almost impossible to hold and handle. On top of that they make screeching sounds that remind me of gunieas. """

SOOO i am confused now she may just be one of those annoying hens!! so she will be on a week trial or back to that auction next week lol

what a shame she is beautiful too.

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