broody hen hatch rate less than 50%

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    those of you stressing about your incubator hatch rate ... don't feel so bad

    Blondie the EE was sitting on 19 eggs ... I didn't find the nest until she had them mostly all laid, and didn't know enough to mark them so I could snitch the newest-laid

    final result: 8 live active peeping chicks .... 1 egg which must have stopped developing very early ... it was lightweight so I cracked it -- just a tiny speck of embryo but no yolk ! -- and ten eggs which weren't moving nor peeping 3 days after the first chicks appear to have hatched

    8 out of 19 --- that's not even 50%

    just in case, though --- Black Maria went broody just then, but she was sitting on only ONE egg, and that one at least ten days old ... so I tucked Blondie's unhatched unpipped eggs under her, we'll see what happens

    for those keeping track, Black Maria had laid at least 21 eggs before she began to brood ... 18 in the carton in the fridge, and a couple that I'd eaten already


    in Washington state -- chicks on Maui -- miss them dreadfully
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    Jan 1, 2008
    [​IMG] At least you got some to hatch, huh? Do you have pics?
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    May 6, 2007
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    You could eat some half developed ones like Filipino "balut." [​IMG]


    Balut is usually ducklings, though.
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    Quote:no, I don't have pix ... [​IMG]

    no digital camera ...

    hubby can't figure out how to use his camera phone, and besides he lost the patch cord ... :eek:

    and, worse yet, they are now "an ocean away" .. well, half an ocean, since I'm now in Washington state and they're still on Maui, being watched over by our tenant

    I hope she keeps me updated ... but she can be a bit scatterbrained ...

    I'm hoping to find out how many of Sissy's seven chicks make it to adulthood (at least one of the yellow ones is a roo, so I know he'll be on his way to my friend Mary DaCosta's freezer), and how Blondie's eight live chicks turn out

    could be a nice assortment --- Sissy is a bantam silver EE mis; Blondie is a standard wheaten EE, the roo is a RJF mix

    so the yellow chicks may turn into wheatens ... Sissy's yellow chicks look like they might be duckwings ... Blondie's orange chick with the chipmunk stripes may grow up to look like jungle-fowl (looks like Ideal Poultry's pic of RJF chicks), and who knows what the dark brown-auburn chicks with gray barred wings will become .... CeeCee's two surviving all-black chicks developed golden-orange capes and curly green-black tailfeathers before they departed to another home ... jungle-fowl cross cockerels DO fight, and it was getting serious ...

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    Quote:no thanks ... LOL -- saw the guys and gals on Survivor eat balut --- that was *quite* enough for me ... [​IMG]

    though I could have Mary offer them to some of her friends ...


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