broody or not


10 Years
Aug 8, 2013
buff orpingtons.
Found a nest of eggs, in an old horse waterer. We put a mesh cover on it. So she is with the eggs. We notice a hen will lay on them then she won't. Most of the times I have peeked on her she is sitting on them
They are a little warm
She moved and egg out of her nest. I'm assuming the egg was no good.
What's your thoughts? Broody or not
Is she going to hatch these chicks out or not?
Has she been sitting for a couple of days?
Is she flat (like a pancake) and making a low clucking sound?
What happens if you take her off the nest? Does she return to it? Does she screech at you when you get near?
If she doesn't have her full clutch, she will wait until she has layed enough eggs to the point were she is happy with how many eggs there are in the nest = how many chicks she will hatch out. This process can take up to a week, just keep an eye on her, I bet she will sit full time soon!
Sometimes low
Yes she yelled at me LOL
I tried to touch her because I knew that was a sign.
She has been sitting on and off for a few days. I need to mark the calendar!

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