Broody silkie not always covering her eggs completely

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    May 3, 2016
    I have a silkie bantam sitting on 6 silkie bantam eggs. She doesn't always seem to have them covered very well, often I will see one or two sticking out the sides or the back of her so I push them back under her a bit. Is there anything I can do to help her nest more completely and comfortably? Due to excess brooding she was given these 6 eggs in the afternoon on Friday October 28th. So today is either day 3 or 4 depending on how you look at it. Do you think the eggs may already be in trouble due to this sometimes not being fully covered? She does seem to turn them regularly so it's probably always different eggs sticking out.

    Full info:
    Silkie was broody for 2-3 weeks with no eggs at all under her before being given eggs.

    Silkie was in a large coop with assorted large fowl and bantams.

    This silkie is now in the house due to the excess brooding making her cold and a target for the other chickens. She is in a large animal cage with a plastic tray bottom. Shavings for bedding and food and water close by.

    Her sister successfully hatched 2 chicks a few weeks ago. That sister had 6 eggs she'd collected herself with fertility uncertain but she sat on all 6 well for the entire time. Four later turned out to be non starters. This is why I thought 6 might be a good amount for the current silkie.

    We had no silkie eggs to give current broody since none of our 3 silkies are laying (one post hatch, one post broody and the one sitting now) so I bought 6 eggs from a silkie breeder who has had 100% fertility lately so it is likely all 6 of these eggs are fertile.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? We bought her the eggs since she was so determined to stay broody even though we kept trying to break her broodiness.


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