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    Jan 11, 2009
    Good afternoon.[​IMG].......We have a 7 month old Barred Rock, that we think is trying to brood:rolleyes:. We have 25 Hens in that "coop", all the same age, and have never had a rooster.....are they still going to want to "Brood"?[​IMG] I didn't think that they would, since we don't have a Rooster. Perhaps I have been misled by our first group of "Red Stars"? [​IMG] Thanks...........Don

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    She could be. BR's aren't a super broody breed, but it's not as uncommon with them as with the red-stars, leghorns, etc. Having a rooster doesn't make any difference in them going broody, heck half the time they don't even care if there is nothing but shavings in the nestbox they're sitting in. [​IMG]

    Do you want to break her, get her some fertile eggs, or graft some day-old chicks onto her?
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    Most production breeds have the broodiness bred out of them- they've been selected for egg laying not broodiness. Some more of your hens may become broody, but I doubt if many will. No, you do not need a rooster for hens to go broody.
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    I, too, have a Barred Rock with a problem. This year-old BR was a great producer until last week. She's now completely stopped laying, yet she won't leave the box unless I lift her out. She does eat and drink when I put her out in the run or let her range. I've given her yogurt and tomatoes to keep her hydrated, too. She and her roommates - all girls - spent the winter under a red heat lamp. so they never took a break from laying.
    I've seen no weight gain or discharge from the vent. She IS doing some moulting. My four other girls are fine.
    Is this girl becoming egg-bound, or am I seeing some sort of odd, seasonal broodiness? How long does it take for a girl to become egg-bound, and how can I help her if that's the case?

    Thanks for your ideas!
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