Brought mama and babys into a cage from out in the brush


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Sep 24, 2019
I got mama hen and her chicks and remaining 5 eggs into a cage all set up nice and cozy for them.. my question is do i need to leave the heat lamp on now that i have mama in there or will she keep them warm enough at night.. cage is enclosed on 3 sides to block any breeze.
The best possible scenario! Momma will do all the work. You'll probably be surprised how much time they spend away from her heat after the first few days of hatching and being sweet little poofyballs once they're outside to explore. I usually wait until they're around 10 days before putting them with the rest of the flock. Some conflict is inevitable while they re-shuffle the pecking order around her protective and hormonal state- I like to make sure the chicks are past their gullible stage and more aware of their surroundings - then when momma asserts herself, the babies are more likely to get out of the way. For the first couple of broody hens with babies, I found introducing a flock block at the same time as the chicks took a lot of the pressure off.

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