Brown cheek, just a coincidence?


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May 10, 2021
Málaga, Spain
I believe you had said you hatched a group with all roux females right? I would breed one of those roux hens to the male you suspect is a carrier, if he is a carrier, you should get some roux males. Males will only fully show roux if they have 2 copies, if they’re a carrier, you’ll see it sometimes when he’s young around the head and neck in particular, and if compared side by side, a roux carrier rosetta will look much more red than a rosetta that came from range and wild. So you can also breed one of the males from the group you suspected was sex link back to a parent, or if it was just eggs from someone else, pair one of the roux hens from that group back to a sibling. You will want to keep silver out of the mix at least until you are certain which males are roux carriers, because silver can make it more difficult.
Thank you so much. It makes sense. I'll give it a try!

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