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    ok folks, i heard a new one today, i have been hatching serama eggs here at around 90% hatch rate, and been marking the eggs with a non toxic marker for 4 yrs on mine and shipped eggs. and been using bubble wrap to wrap eggs with both ends open and poly fill to pack them in secure.

    ok i sold some on ebay, the lady has had a couple bad hatches one or two hatch, and several develop to full term and die. i have offered to replace her eggs as i always do whether her or my fault ..

    she has talked to a guy that told her that bubblewrap and markers kill the egg. given if it was a sharpie and sealed bubblewrap i would possibly agree, but i have several folks with very good hatches or problems w/incubation and such other things. i dont know if i can agree with this as some of the biggest names in raising serama shipped me eggs in the same fashion as i do. and i have had very good hatches off their eggs? i think a lot has to do with with the incubators/humidity and temp spikes or lows, a 1502 works great or a sikie hen..

    let me know what you think?

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    I personally think that she doesn't have the humidity or temp right and that's why the low hatch rate. I don't think it has anything to do with you and definitely not your fault. Guess she needs someone to blame for her mistakes.
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    If it was your fault they wouldnt even begin to develop! If they start to develop then die, its something she is doing wrong.
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    I've had shipped eggs marked with a non-toxic marker and I have had them wrapped double where no air could get to them...mine hatch out just as well sometimes as my own flocks eggs......so I don't agree with her...lol..I even had 12 for 14 hatch once that traveled from WA to WV and they were wrapped tight [​IMG]
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    I direct you to my praising post of your packaging- even if it did get me in trouble with my husband. [​IMG]


    I am on Day 5, candled all 19 of them and all except 4 are developing. Those four are all marked the same letters, so I highly doubt that it has anything what so ever to do with your packaging.

    Whether or not any hatch, remains to be seen- but that sure won't be your fault. (That will have to do with whether or not I have used up all my good hatching vibes for the season or not.)
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    Frank, she's just plain wrong. No if's, and's or but's.
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    Yep, she's wrong. I double-bubble-wrap my eggs and tape them when I ship (they hatch fine), and I love it when others show me the same consideration. Bubble-wrap is the best method of cushioning eggs for shipping. I also doubt that the marker had any effect. I've set eggs marked in different colors of marker, and they hatched.
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    I would give her more eggs, and i wouldnt bubble wrap them, just throw some eggs in a box and send them, see if she still complains!
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    She is wrong Frank. I have had 2 shipments of eggs from you and your packaging is great. When my friend incubated the eggs it was a very high percentage hatch rate. And, I tried incubating once also, but my skills are limited in hatching eggs so that rate wasnt as good. But I will buy from you again. Some people you just cant please no matter what you do. It is aggravating though when people say stuff like that, right out of the blue. I think you have enough satisfied customers that she wont be able to bad mouth you too much,and/ or nobody will listen to her.
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    Quote:Oh My Goodness Brooster!!! [​IMG] Wicked! te he

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