buff and chocolate guinea eggs


9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
im looking for buffs and chocolates and other rare colors of guineas. i already have lavendars, pearls, whites, pieds, so im looking for other colors of hatching eggs. thanks!


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Quote:I have some light colored guineas; the jury is still out on exactly what color they are. The only thing I'm certain of is they are not white. I've heard blonde, ivory, and I believe the other was porcelain though I'm not sure on that one. I have males and females of this color in my flock. I also have a few lavender males and a buff dundotte female. All the females lay in the same nest right now so I wouldn't be able to differentiate the eggs. Some of the blonde/ivory/whatever hens are mated with lavender males and some are mated with like-colored males. The buff dundotte hen has a lavender mate. I'm pretty sure they are all laying in the same nest but I'm also pretty sure I have 4 females. If that's the case, then only 3 are using the nest. I don't know where the other is laying if not in this nest. I could send probably 8-10 eggs so they wouldn't be 'old', I wouldn't be comfortable with more than that at one time. Asking $2 an egg if you're interested.


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