Buff Orpington - hen or roo?


Free Ranging
9 Years
Aug 17, 2014
I have some 12 week old BOs. They seemed quite easy to sex, or so I thought.
The pullets look like this

the cockerels look like this

and then there is this one that previously looked like the other pullets, but has recently gotten red in the comb, tail has come up, and are those saddle feathers coming in?

Looks like a pullet to me. Haha, yes, it seems like many Buff Orp roos go through a bunny-tail stage. My 18 week old Buff Orp roo finally has a tail to be semi-proud of, LOL.
Bunny tail, hahaha. Most of the cockerels have pretty decent tails, I just snapped a pic of him because he was nearby. Thanks, I'm glad you guys think she is a pullet, I only got 5 out of 20 straight run. So, these are normal hen feathers? None of the other girls have feathers that curl down like that.
The feathers you have circled are not rooster like. Not pointed.
Here is my rooster. Can you see the pointed feathers in front of his tail?
That bird is a pullet. Those feathers that your circled aren't pointy, which would mean a male. Females can get those longer feathers near the tail, but their ends are blunt, like in this bird.

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