Buff Orpington PER EGG Auction, NC, Pics, Ends 11/6

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    Buff Orpington Hatching Eggs PER EGG Auction - You tell me how many eggs you want, up to 2 dozen eggs!
    **IMPORTANT:** Since shipping price will be dependent upon how many eggs you want, it will be calculated based on your zipcode. Shipping is not free for this auction.

    Please read the description and understand the terms before bidding. I have more photos available by request.

    These eggs will be shipped the week of November 9th, if payment is received in a timely fashion. We hatch eggs from our birds on a regular basis in an incubator, but mainly under broody hens. We encourage broodiness in our line of birds.

    We had some show wins from some of our birds! Our Buff Orp brood rooster won Best of Variety and English Class Champion four times, and our the hens we took won Reserve Best of Variety and Reserve English Class Champion. We won something from each show we attended the last 2 years and are hoping for another great year in 2009! The rest of our hens are also good quality birds of good color and temperament. We recently took 2 of early 2009's pullets to a local APA show and took home Best of Variety, Reserve of Variety, Best of Breed, Reserve of Breed, and Best English!

    PAYMENT: Paypal only, please. If you would like your phone number placed on the box for post office pickup, please include it when you send payment. Paypal payment email address is [email protected].

    TERMS: Please understand that hatching eggs involves some risks and chance, so please refrain from bidding if you are not willing to accept the risks. We package the eggs to be best of our ability, but breakages can occur in cases of mishandling by the postal service.

    SHIPPING: I will ship your eggs via USPS Priority Mail for a flat $10.00 or Express Mail (calculated) by request. Shipping insurance is available for an additional $1.95.

    OUR GUARANTEE: Yes, we offer a guarantee on our eggs! If, for whatever reason, half of the eggs are broken when you get them, we will replace the eggs for the shipping cost. If at least half of the eggs are broken during shipping, you must get a postal worker to sign a letter stating so. This guarantee does not include the replacement eggs that are lost, stolen, or returned to me.

    It also does not guarantee that you will win at shows with these birds. There are a lot of factors that influence the chances of winning at shows, including nutrition, condition of birds, and the size of the shows. If you have any questions about our guarantee about what is covered and what is not, please ask before you bid!

    Our main brood roo

    7-month-old pullet (yes, she's laying!)

    Egg color and size

    This is Nosey Gal (in molt - her tail looks pitiful!)
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