Buff Orpington Roo or Hen? Maybe 15 weeks old


5 Years
Jun 6, 2016
East Texas
I am really not 100% sure on the exact age of this group of Buff Orpingtons. I am a know-nothing-chicken-novice and was told one thing when we bought them but after a little research I am guess these guys are 14-16 weeks old. I know 2 are pullets and 1 is definitely a roo but this one guy has me confused.

First Pic: Chicken in question is on the right and the one we are positive is a roo is on the left.

Second Pic: Chicken in question is in the bottom right hand corner.

Third Pic:

Fourth Pic:
Both of the birds in question are male. Just compare their back feathering to the ones without any combs yet. Can you see the difference? Completely different type of feathers coming in on the boys' backs.
I think its a female,.... comparing it to the roo! (on first pic)

-Ya'el xxx

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