Buff Orpington Rooster Central Valley California


11 Years
May 1, 2010
Central Valley, California

I have a 19 week old Buff Orpington rooster that I need to rehome. He is tame and friendly. He has been vaccinated against Marek's and Coccidiosis by McMurray Hatchery. I am located in Modesto, California. I am willing to deliver to the right home. Asking $20 rehome fee. Please PM if interested. Thank you!

Pictures taken 12-6-20:

20201206_084712.jpg 20201206_084744.jpg 20201206_084824.jpg
Can I ask how you found a home. I’ve been looking for my Easter egger with no interest
I posted him everywhere. I created a flyer and put it up on TSC. I joined 15+ chicken groups on Facebook and posted him there. I had him on Craigslist in the pets and farm & garden section in different cities. I offered to deliver him to the right home. I posted updated pictures. I was persistent. It took about two weeks to find him a home.

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