Buff Silkie chick mood is off...

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Feb 26, 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan
I got a one month old Buff Silkie & when i got it together with my chicks ranging from ages 20 days to 1.5 month, the buff silkie seems demoralized & upset-so much so that I thought it was sick.
Now i have separated the buff silkie from the rest of the lot but now i feel sorry for it. She is the only one in the brooder!

At what age can i get the chicks out of the brooder? Is it fine if I post pictures of the chicks here and the experts can comment on which ones i can get out of the brooder...
If you live where the climate is mild, say around 25C 0r 70F, you cn start to take all your chicks outdoors for brief periods for little day trips. Just be sure there is no chilling wind or hot direct sun, and they are protected from being eaten by predators. This will help acclimate them to cooler temps and wean them off heat and you will be able to move them into a coop by age five or six weeks.

By the way, chicks need to be kept together or they will suffer loneliness.

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