Building or set up tips for duck house and pen


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Sep 30, 2016
Alma, MI
We were gifted 3 Pekins and 3 Khaki Campbells they are about four weeks old now. We have chicken but this is our first time with ducks. Husband put together a nice sized house about 6' x 7'. Today we are finishing their pen so hopefully they will be out of our house today. Got a kiddy pool, will make a deck and ramp and attach a hose to drain out of their area.
My question is about their nest boxes.
I understand that they are on the floor and will not be laying eggs for a couple months still. But could anyone share photos of the inside of their duck houses please?
Thank you.

Duck door not cut out yet.
Love the corner deck! How did your babies do? How warm is it at night? Glad you posted cause my house/pen is similar and nice to see the finished product! Do you feel like your house is a good size? I'm doing a 6x4ft house for 4 ducks... hopefully it'll be big enough!
It must've been the weekend for building pens! We were doing the same.... still need to attach the run to the house, though.

We're heavily considering using an old plastic dog house with some hay in it for a nest box. Mostly because we have it laying around unused. (our current dogs sleep indoors)

Our ducklings are still in the brooder (which is, thankfully, in my chicken coop, not indoors), but watching their explosive growth I felt pressure to be ready with their house. I have a similar pool set up, with a pump and hose going to my garden. And, I plan to free range most of the time, but it's nice to have a place to lock them up when needed.

It's so cool to see other folks setups! Thanks so much for posting your pics!
Thanks, they offer shade from the hot Florida sun. Caught 2 snakes Sunday, red rat, carried them off but they will be back I'm sure, at least they keep the rattle snakes away

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