Bullied chick (5wks) lethargic... how long for a turn around?


7 Years
Aug 8, 2013
My daughter and I take in any 'problem' chicks from our local store that would otherwise die due to flock mentality. Yesterday we got a call to see if we'd like to try our hands on a chick that got bullied overnight. The poor thing literally got it's butt chewed off. We cleaned her up, put some antibiotic ointment on, and filled her water with electrolytes. Today, her tush looks great! No more bleeding, redness is toned down drastically and all in all it's looking good on the outside. However, we haven't seen any improvement in her demeanor. She's still very still, sleeping a lot occasionally with her beak under her wing, and hasn't eaten much. How long before we see an improvement in that area? And any other recommendations in care/nursing back to health?

Thanks all!
when the beak is under the wing it means the chicken is cold when sleeping, I have a duck that was being bullied. He is now a duck that follows me around the yard and even inside the house not leaving my side for anything. You may get a chicken like that. They are fun to be around, and this is what the store said to my moms sister, you don't want that duck its not going to make it and my moms sister was determined to get that duck and now he is a big strong duck i can post a picture if you want.
Well I can definitely move her closer to the heat lamp. And love the underduck story! :) Glad to see I'm not the only crazy one rescuing 'hopeless' chicks. All we can do is try our best and if they have the fight, then they just might pull through. I was just really hoping that she'd perk up some after a night in warm solitude. I hope she doesn't have more injuries than what we see. :(
Don't expect results in one day it can take weeks for true results. It takes time to adapt to its new home. The chick may be scared because it did not get much human contact. It took my duck 2 weeks to not be afraid of me and now he attacks my brother. Remember baby chickens are curious little things they try to eat everything, even bedding
Thank you! I'm not expecting her to be warm and fuzzy to me but just thought she'd eat and drink more than what she has. I'll check back in a couple days from now. Hopefully we'll see some improvements. :) *staying hopeful*
So how is the chick? I have one that i just got that was bullied prety good and she is not eating much or drinking much. And is rathar latargic not runnning around or peeping like my other 5 week old chicks, she is buy her self so she can heal up.
Unfortunately she passed away a day or two later. Came home and found her belly up. :(
Sorry to hear. I forced a lot of water with probiotics and a tablit for chicks in it that has minerals and electrolites in it and gave her a bath feathers were nasty and today she is 100@% trying to fly out and eating normal and drinking. Talking up a storm. But i was stressing prob worse than her for the last 48 hours
Glad to hear!! We have taken in more problem babies since. All we do is try! :) doing better with the last few!

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