bumble bees


10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
Bloomsdale, MO
One of my co workers just rented a house it sits on an acre. there is a swarm of bumble bees that live by the deck. she would like to encourage them to moove toward another part of the yard away from the house. she would rather not kill then but they can't use the deck without 30 bees swarming them. an ideas ?
If they have established a nest, they aren't about to move. Sadly enough I think wasp and hornet spray is in order. I like bumble bees.
Is she sure they're not carpenter bees? They "drill" nice round holes in wood to lay their eggs and come back every year. I had them at the other house I used to have. Never figured out a way to discourage them.

Since she's renting, she should contact the landlord.
Some exterminators offer bee removal and relocation for at least honey bees. Not sure about others. I have carpenters trying to drill into my pump house. Tacks or rocks in the holes discouraged them from staying.
If they have made their nest some where easy to remove. I would cut out a larger section of wood and move it to the other end of the yard, at night of course!

We had them make a colony in the trunk of an almost dead apple tree in the driveway (don't ask-lol) The neighbor loves her big bees and pleaded with me to not cut the dead parts off (so we could park 2 cars in the driveway) Thankfully, nature took it's course and the tree fell in the night, no cars in the driveway at the time thankfully.

I have a couple that live in the wood of a bird house my son made. One of these nights I am going to bag it up and bring it over to her house.
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