Bumblefoot- how do i know if i got it all?


Aug 31, 2018
Hello everyone, I have a chicken with bumblefoot on both feet.
Heres what we have done for her so far:
Soaped up her feet then soaked her in warm epsom salt and iodine water bath (she loved the bath!) Removed the scab on left foot and what I believe to be all of the infection, as it was newer and smaller. Irrigated it with clean water with a bit of iodine. wrapped that foot with gauze and Vetericyn. The other foot we couldn't get the scab off so we wrapped it was gauze and Prid to help soften it up for a day.

We put her to bed, then yesterday we took off the wraps, and were able to get the other scab off the worse foot. Now here is my question for you guys, i did not get a 'kernel' out. The scab was pretty thick, and nasty on one side, and there was a little dry yellow area that i got out that made it seem like a kernel may have been forming. I dug around and got some more stringy stuff out (not a whole bunch like ive seen some people get though.) How do I know if all of the infection is out, especially since its not a kernel?? Where should we go from here? I don't want to cause another infection by digging around in there, unknown if im getting it all. Should I let it harden up?

she was getting a little frustrated so I decided to just irrigate it and wrap it. We packed both feet with gauze and prid. We were hoping that it will pull whatever I missed further to the surface so it can be got. So I an kind of at a loss right now. Today when we change her wraps, we plan on putting silver gel in there (it kills staph), does this sound like a good idea?
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