bumblefoot not healing well


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Jun 25, 2015
@Susa -- Some kinds of Penicillin you can use are listed about halfway down the Medicine Chart page on the website linked in my sig below, if that's helpful.

Thank you I read that, but have a question for you, is it the same human penicillin ?

Nancy GB

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Aug 3, 2013
I have several hens with varying degrees of bumblefoot. Some I have lanced and drained what I could (multiple kernels in a couple), some just soaking and wrapping. I am using propolis and am getting excellent results in terms of clearing remaining infection and healing wounds.

After soaking and attending to the degree of need of the infection, I cover the foot in propolis, fit a piece of propolis-saturated gauze to the lesion, and use Co-Flex to secure it in place. The reovery and healing process is surely being moved along by the propolis, though I am also adding Duramycin to the water for one week, just for added assitance and attempting to stop any additional spreading of the infection.

fuzzybutt love

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Jul 30, 2011
Haven't been on... hope all was well. Animal grade medicine is made without as much testing i believe. If you have human grade of the same strength it should be ok.

The paste is literally just iodine (human) dripped into sugar, until you get the proper consistancy. I also recommend spraying wooden roosts with red cote on the top and bottom- disenfects them. I also spray legs and feet of birds not affected with this as a precaution. I use this spray a lot in the winter, as frostbite protection for their toes and it has gotten the bumblefoot out of my coop! (I think they kept reinfecting) Also kills leg mites. Stains clothes though :)

I never did have good luck with the standard soakings. Ichtamel (sp?) Horse paste is also said to be good for drawing. One word of warning on the iodine- never on wounds. Pack the surgery site with triple antibiotic ointment without pain relief. The pain relief ending in "caine" are poison to birds.

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