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    Oct 11, 2015
    Being a new chicken owner with 2 10 week old Bielefelders, I am wondering if there is some strategies to prevent Bumblefoot? I get that soft bedding is important, I have concrete floors INSIDE that I line with cardboard boxes (just moved here have a years supply at least) covered by the large Pine wood chips, extra thick under the roost which is flat 2X4's. Am thinking, as I had donkeys, that the pelleted wood stove pellets, once sprayed with water, fall into nice, soft, absorbant sawdust. What would be wrong with that? the poop would just roll up and could be raked out easily, or sifted out leaving behind the sawdust, sort of like a manure fork takes out the poop balls and the bedding falls back down, and is very low odor if any at all, and I am talking donkey pee here, so its great stuff, does anyone see anything wrong with trying this?
    The outside run is dirt which was full of stones, small round stones, I have raked a lot out but I find that the whole base is this, so covering it is the plan, it is entirely undercover so I could put down a nice thick layer of the wood pellets, sprayed with water and turned into sawdust, the water evaporates pretty quickly here in the Texas lack-O-humidity. What say ya'll about this bedding plan? Or would it be better to haul in sand?
    Then why not soak like once a week for prevention? would that be wise? course I only have 2 so maybe not possible for more than that amount, or a spray with Vetericyn? once a day? every other day? every week? Would any of this sort of stuff be preventative?
    And last, should I check feet daily when they are in my lap? My 2 are love bugs for watermelon and I give them a very small amount so they are very friendly. Or should I just watch and wait?
    Here is a picture of my indoor/outdoor chicken coop, they travel through the little tunnel to go in and out, I have an automatic door on order. [​IMG]

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